Sorry for the long Hiatus…

It has been a long time since I posted in this wee blog of mine. I doubt this blog even has any readers anymore! A lot has happened in the last few years that has meant I have had to put Photography and Videography work and all work in general, on hold, Hence the hiatus here in the last couple of years.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with a medical condition called Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. Following that in 2012 I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and a host of secondary conditions. If you want to read about all that in finer detail I have been keeping a blog called Irish Dysautonomia Awareness where I have been blogging my medical journey since 2011 and you can read about my full diagnosis story here. It needs a little bit of an update which I will work on but it will fill you in, mostly, on what has been happening.

I worked in media production, even after the diagnosis, well into 2012 where I had to stop early in the year because the pain and other symptoms became too much to deal with while doing any amount of activity. I said I would take a break for a while until I could try to get on top of my symptoms before trying to return to work again. This decision nearly broke my heart because I love working in Photography and Video, having to stop it from being a very regular activity to doing pretty much nothing was a big step for me.


I got a little better over the following year where I felt I could possibly return to a more sedate type of work. I applied and got a job working from home with Apple Computers Cork. It was the perfect set up given my situation, working from home gave me great comfort. I did the interviews, got the job, did the training, did really well in the new work environment and working with my new team mates and though I could still be very sick on a given day at work at least I had all the comforts of home. I loved it.



About 4 months into working for Apple, I tripped over my Mum’s dog we were minding, at the top of the stairs, twisted awkwardly and badly hurt my hip and pelvis. It was a complete accident and I don’t blame the dog at all, shit happens! but things drastically took a turn for the worse within a few weeks. I had a lot of hospital appointments for pain and severe difficulty walking. I ended up in a wheelchair, needed physio, occupational therapy, Nerve block injections with pain specialists, help with everything from washing to getting dressed and all the in betweens. Not only had the EDS flared up from the ‘trip up’ but my Pots had flared from all the pain and extra stress on my body.


I was eventually told by my doctors to give up work as I simply wasn’t able for it in my given state. Apple were very good about it and said they would hold a place open for me if I was ever able to return, but, that was in 2013, it’s now 2017 and EDS is a lifelong, progressive illness so I don’t see myself returning to work in the long term at all. I guess that’s what it means to live with a lifelong chronic illness.


Though I have not been active work wise, I still try to keep busy and I thought to myself, instead of letting this blog go to waste with all the work I have put into adding everything to it, I should update it with the little things I have been doing.


As I mentioned above, once I got my diagnosis I started the Irish Dysautonomia Awareness blog and it has grown into a blog with a fine following and great daily readership. There are over 120,000 hits and over 2,000 followers on the blog itself. It also made it into last years Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards as a Finalist!
A Twitter following of over 1,000, A Youtube channel with 111 Subscribers, A Facebook page with 924 Likes and 865 Follows and a private Facebook Group with 178 Members.
(all as of today the 22nd March 2017)

No, it’s not epic or anywhere near the most successful thing by any means, but for something that I have only casually kept as a hobby more than anything since 2011 has grown itself into something like this, I would never have imagined having any type of following much less those numbers that I have!
I am quite proud of my little blog and it’s following! 🙂

Besides that I have started back drawing, not daily like I would have hoped, but frequently enough to keep me at it and to prevent my hands from getting too stiff and painful. I love to draw but I find it does hurt me so I do it as I can.


I decided to set up a thing called Angry Mushroom Doodles, where I showcase my bits of arts and crafts that I do to keep me sane! I will do a separate blog post on Angry Mushroom shortly where I will show more detail of my work and extra links like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram etc.

Other than that, I have just been trying to keep fresh by doing the odd tutorial on Youtube or, brushing up my skills in 3D like Blender and continuing to practice and learn more in Video editing. I sometimes pick up the camera these days to snap a picture of something but I have mostly reverted to using my iPhone camera for handy shots.

Where I used to be so very active both physically and mentally in keeping creative, I have slowed down a lot because of illness but I try to keep on top of creativity so as not to get stale. I will now use this blog to showcase my little achievements in creativity as I go along.

If you are out there and reading this, please let me know, it’s nice to know my little blurbs are being read by someone!

Thanks and take care for now,

Lette 🙂


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