Sara & Cristiano Pregnancy Photos

These are the Pregnancy Photos Keith and I did for our friends Sara and Cristiano, They have had their beautiful baby boy since and he is doing mighty (CONGRATS FOLKS!) 🙂  They are a most beautiful couple so the shoot … Continue reading

Softday – Song of The Urban Bees – Crescent Hall Limerick City – 19th October 2014

Here are a series of video stills from the recent filming Keith and I did for Softday’s latest performance, Song of the Urban Bees, Please click on the first image below to start a slideshow or click on any image … Continue reading

Lette’s Medical Treatment Fund

Hey all, I have have been pretty sick for a while now and decided to bite the bullet and go for treatment abroad in London, there is just no way I am getting all the medical care I need here … Continue reading

Limerick Urban Bee Project – Glenstal Abbey Workshop

Here are the stills from the video footage Keith got at the Limerick Urban Beekeeping Project – Glenstal Workshop where the group visited Simons Apiary on the grounds of Glenstal Abbey. Unfortunately I was in hospital during this workshop but … Continue reading

Youtube, Seriously? Well…

  I have this old Youtube channel, that I started years ago. I went back to it recently and noticed it had quiet a few views and likes, not phenomenal or anything, but considering I wasn’t doing anything with the … Continue reading

Behind The Scenes With

On Friday the 14th of March, Keith and I met up with Mikael Fernström and Sean Taylor, who together make up the Wonderful Experimental Musical Collaboration known as Softday. Friday is the day Softday usually have their ‘Bunker Session’, where … Continue reading

Limerick Urban Beekeeping Project – 14th March 2014

Here are some stills from the video footage taken at the Limerick Urban Beekeeping Workshop with Softday, at the Limerick City Gallery of Art on the 13th March 2014. You may find them and all other Urban Bee workshop pics … Continue reading